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Pay for the Fuel Now and Avoid the Mechanic Later

Okay, at first glace, you may wonder what this has to do with food.  Well, let me start by telling you what went on at the petrol station the other day.  Here in the UAE, we’ve just started pumping our own gas.  Yes, you read that right…I know, those of us raised in the USA can’t imagine a world which didn’t require us to pump our own gas.

Well, as it’s turns out, getting an attendant to give you premium service is only a couple extra dollars, so as I wasn’t feeling well the other day, I was perfectly willing to splurge and get the attendant to help me. That is, until I saw that the premium service pump only had the cheaper, lower quality gasoline.  I quickly turned my car back to the self-service lane, got out and pumped myself.  You see, by putting quality gas in my engine, I preserve my engine for a longer time, and I can enjoy a stronger and more reliable car to boot!

Do you see where I’m going with this?  The same can be said for our bodies.  Pay extra for the higher quality fuel now (organic, fresh, lean, colorful fruits and veg) and avoid paying the hospitals, pharmacies and surgeons later.


You quite literally are what you eat and drink, so take care that you don’t treat your body like a garbage can.  Your cells regenerate every few months and every few years, you can say that you’re a whole new person, literally speaking, so why not feed those cells from the best you can afford?


Look around…new hospitals are being built all around you.  New pharmacies, richer doctors and the patients are coming in droves. Organic supermarkets are facing hardships.  One way or another, you’re going to pay the money, so the question is: Who’s going to profit from you? The supermarket or the hospital? For my money, I’d rather spend for the supermarket. I’d rather have an independent supermarket that delivers high quality, fresh produce that will feed my newly growing cells with super fuel.  I’ll not only live healthier, I’ll live better!


Modern medicine is keeping us alive longer and longer, but that doesn’t mean that the “quality” of life has improved.  It means that you’re being kept alive longer to pay longer.  Think about it and consider going through that self service lane to put the BEST in your body and your car! 🙂


My new cookbook, Breaking Bread Around the World, is almost ready! The countdown has begun….



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