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Breakfast Fusion and the Swiss!

Wow, the last two days have been adventurous.  I organized a great breakfast fusion of favorites from American Southern tradition with Arabic favorites as well, and I’m quite happy to report that they were a hit for Iftar!

There’s not much that’s more comforting than a Southern breakfast.  In my book, you’ll find a recipe for proper Southern grits, in case you’d ever wanted to try it.  As an Alabama raised woman, there are a few things that I need regular doses of:  Iced Tea, Cornbread and Grits!  If I don’t get a taste of these on a semi-regular basis, I will feel so homesick I could flip out! 🙂

We took a fab trip to Switzerland in our kitchen today, and I enjoyed the challenge of making cheese fondue for the first time in my life.  Gosh, that was lovely, but a bit expensive, because cheese is really overpriced here. Thankfully, it was well received by my family though.  The Swiss Steak was also wonderful.  So tender that you could cut it with a fork.  Delicious!  Here’s some pics of these two awesome cooking adventures.


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